HORSE PRO -Equine Daily Feed Supplement & Muscle Building Pellet
HORSE PRO -Equine Daily Feed Supplement & Muscle Building Pellet
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HORSE PRO -Equine Daily Feed Supplement & Muscle Building Pellet

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Prebiotic Trace Mineral Feed Supplement Pellet

  • Muscle builder or body conditioner pellet.
  • Best for active horses that are worked often.
  • Contains prebiotics and higher in protein.
  • Often used as an additional protein source for weaning foals.

A unique blend of essential trace minerals, vitamins, chicory root (a prebiotic), digestive aids and soybeans. HY and MOS Yeast helps prevent pathogens from binding to the intestinal epithelium. Also intensifies resistance to numerous other bacteria, viruses and fungi. This blend may allow consumed fiber to be pre-digested.  The end product of fiber digestion is volatile fatty acids, which are absorbed in the large intestine and utilized by the horse as energy. Horse Pro may condition performance horses, work horses, lactating mares, young horses, older horses and pleasure horses. It may promote shinier hair coat and healthier skin through nutrition. Increases stamina and athletic ability is often seen from customer. It is highly palatable and encourages appetite for horses off-feed. Excellent for horses that aren't able to graze. Grazing is part of the digestive process, horses that are not able to have an increased chance of digestive upsets, ulcers, etc. Also a great start for foals at weaning. Best if used with Oats or a blend of grains. Quickly makes just grain a complete feed when top dressed. Feeding every 12 hours is recommended.